26 May 2009

a good listen

here is a five song set that is sure to be a great listen if there is some special person in your life you can't stop thinking about, OR you just wanna listen to some great slow jams.

1.her heart- anthony hamilton

2.beautiful surprise- india.arie

3.halo- beyonce

4.notebook- chrisette michelle

5.do you feel me - anthony hamilton

believe me, these songs shall not disappoint and will have all of your thoughts focused on that special somebody =]

23 May 2009

[false] reality

never would i want to truly lead another astray. it's nothing that is an intentional plot in order to see grief, hurt and despair on the face on someone whom I care about. the way i am is the way i am only because it is who i am. am i wrong for being me? i know change is necessary, but i feel that you have to start with baby steps. opening up is nothing that i've ever considered before and now i can do it with no regrets. progress, right? i believe it is. just know that they way i feel should not be critiqued. the thoughts i have cannot be seen as black or white, but rather a beautiful rainbow with a large, glowing spectrum of radiant colors. simple, no. complex, no. somewhere in between, yes. thus, try and understand why and what i do. know my motivations and don't try and assume them. satisfaction on one level is not equal to satisfaction upon another. "honesty is key, trust is necessary & without them everything is rubble" -CW4