24 June 2009

1st 2 days...of the rest of my life

This has truly been the best 2 days i could have asked for to start the program. the kids are truly receptive and beyond smart. no discipline issues, only minor talking, and at least 80% class involvement. i really just want the kids to lose that fear of being wrong and gain the fear of not expressing themselves. i feel its one of the major fears that prevents kids from becoming even better students because they think they'll be ridiculed for being wrong. the truth is someone else was thinking the same thing so by TRYING you're just being helpful. I even received a nice eval today from the Dean of Faculty and it'll be my personal goal to strive to upkeep that same high regard throughout the program. i want nothing but success for the kids and it's going to be my vendetta to lead them in that direction...



so it’s a little over 6 weeks now
and everyday I have this frown
upon my face because I know
it’s one more day where I cant see your glow
but , I know once we breathe the same air
it’ll be me who takes you there
to that place you’ve longed to be
for oh so long
that place that is a playlist of your favorite songs
I happily like to call it “Euphoria”

in this place there are no sad faces,
for all frowns are turned upside down
it’s one of the most desired places
and you will be the one who wears the crown
I’ll call you my queen, to whom I give my all
for if you misstep, it’ll be I who breaks that fall

I know I may be ahead of myself
because all this promise doesn’t ensure wealth
but who am I not to dream
I don’t wanna be considered a fiend
this moment it feels so close
yet, far far away
it’ll surely be a dose
of pure, unconcentrated ecsta-say

Then, I can say it’s you I got
[oops, my fault] I meant possess
where all the events in this plot
will be worth this emotional duress

All in 42+…

06 June 2009


like jordans on any saturday, or yeezy's on the 1st weekend of june, april and may, I feel consumed. i cant necessarily understand why, but it's as if everything surrounding me has some ironic connection to you. its as if my mind is constantly creating metaphors and similes from my daily actions in order to keep a steady stream of wonderful images of you flowing through my mind. my brain is the highway and every car from every maker seems to be you. whether benz, bmw, or beetle they all resemble you. like the girl at the walmart who just got the checks for her 4 kids, my cart is overflowing and these are not things such as cereal, milk, eggs and cheese; i'm talkin conversations, txts, bbm, and skype convos. i cant seem to have enough of you. my metabolism must be insanely fast because all of this intake does nothing to hinder my figure. i automatically divulge of one round of the aforementioned grocery list and thirst, no desire, no need, NO covet another before i become empty. i'm not one for obesity, so as long as the effects don't show i guess i can continue to be as greedy as i please...

:) +
clock = <3

05 June 2009

Quality Over Quantity

It felt sooo great to see my aunts, granma and granda all in the same house. When u throw in the fact my dad was there too, it was a truly memorable evening. Just 1;30 mins, the amount of time doesn't do it justice. Quality over quantity is usually true & this time it definitely held up :-)
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Sports Talk

So the lake show aka black mamba and the boys did it like I previously stated they would. Now I didn't know they would utter a complete and utter ass whoopin but hey, when kobe's on and the D is swarming what is a team to do??

Next up is a little MLB chatter. I feel sorry for the fans in pittsburgh where their pirates haven't had a winning season since b bonds was jumping over walls in 3 rivers stadium. They just recently traded the most effective if not best player CF nate mcclouth. I hear boycott talk up in west PA and I'm all for it. Best of luck pirate fans

My man fed aka roger federer stormed back today from a 1-2 deficit against 5 seed johan del potro. After nadal was upset by soderling it was critical that fed take this opportunity by the hands and after a previous 5 setter against tommy haas, fed looked shy early in this match but rebounded like a champion. Best of luck to fed as he tries to tie pete sampras' 14 majors on sunday at roland garros. I love the soderling story, but I'm going for greatness in this one.

That's all for sports talk right now. Look out for the nightly recap later.
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It knocks upon my window
Sometimes like a burglar
And others, like a good friend
Regardless of its pretense, I can't let it in
It must stay outside, because it keeps me calm
I feel a certain peace of mind
And a calm that doesn't happen all the time
Yet, its a shame it can only come around ever so often
Because it truly makes the pain go away like an apple a day
Pit-pat is the melodious rhythm I hear on the AC downstairs
This beat calms my thoughts and hides my fears
I know it will do more harm than good
And I love the way that its non-biased as it hits the suburbs and the hood
I wish I could be like the rain drops to which I listen
They seem so at peace just doing a simple duty
Which is to help me sleep better and gain a sense of clarity

Pit...pat..pit...pat keeps my heartbeat steady & type
Thus, I never, ever have to deal with fright

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There's something that is kinda crazy. How can something occur and then there be a delayed reaction. I know I'm far from perfect but telling me I messed up after the fact doesn't have the same impact as doing it in the moment. I hate upsetting people but when I don't get stopped in my tracks, all I can say is "damn..." when I hear about it later
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Just wanted to see if this email thhing worked
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04 June 2009

the day on the right track and the last 2.5 hrs went by like a breeze. I even got to joke around with some kids in high school. Lol
then on the day went ok and it really peaked when my godmother got me a foot long 1/2 chicken 1/2 philly steak sub from zero's. This sub set the rest of
r some reason. Then I decided I needed a pick-me-up so I went and got a delicious brownie from the stand in the lobby and it was well worth the $1. From
Sooo work started off in the worst way possible. I felt stupid tired when I woke up and then when I got to work I figured out that my ear was bleeding fo

numero cuatro

i think its time mr kobe bean bryant aka unstoppable bka BLACK MAMBA gets his 4th ring. i'm tired of people giving him the short end of the stick on the "Great Debate" saying he needs shaq, and not understanding his true greatness. the ability to impact on both ends of the court, facilitate the offense, score, lead his team, and defend the best player all make kobe the #2 SG of all time [ESPN agrees too]. just know that orlando WILL NOT make 10 3's a game and Dwight Howard will actually have to play post D this series. Lewis has to guard Gasol in the post so he'll be tired and If Kobe gets his 26-33 it's going to be scary because he's passing the ball much better. I cant wait until the matchups unfold


03 June 2009

who knows...

i just felt the need to press these fingers upon the keys on this weird, yet wonderful evening. 2.5 hr nap, nice dinner, great jokes with fam and the solitude i always desire. yet, something...or someone is missing. who is it, who knows...? all i know is that i would love to be with someone in this time slot. it's what i have become accustomed to so it's something i expect on a regular basis. maybe...just maybe, i need nights like these to get rid of my dependence upon the opposite sex, but who's to say that dependence is a bad thing? i just know it's what i want...VAorAL??? they both make me beyond happy for different reasons but i know i'll only have one and i have figured out who it is. the choice is actually pretty obvious with no disrespect to the other. its definitely going to be __. Thought i would give it away, hell naw! lol but in time the one whom it is will definitely figure it out if they haven't already. distance is a bitch, but it makes the heart grow fonder and the adversity it brings builds character....[i WISH i had my XBOX 360]