06 April 2009

a few idle thoughts

1. this semester has been CRAZY
2. other than my goonz in Graves, i dont bang with a lot of my bros =/
3. UNC better win tonight
4. time has flown by...remember when the strip was "poppin"
5. big byrd and purris' blogs keep me entertained
6. i need to get these grades right
7. anybody else excited for the probates????
8. can people please stop making paragraph facebook statuses??? just becuz you can doesn't mean you should
9.naps = <3
10. i cant stop loving Elena Estelle Washington...i feel mad dumb in love...BUT OH WELL [11.16]

1 comment:

Estelle said...

lol I THOUGHT IWAS THE ONLY ONE BOTHER BY THE FACEBOOK STATUS THING..i was like when was this allowed..lol I read a status that was a mean six sentences...lol