01 April 2009

sleeping DISorder

where to begin?? the past 3 nights [well, mornings] including this one I have not stayed asleep for more than 4 hours. That means going to bed by 2 and being up by 6. It is something that truly scares me because I've never had sleeping problems before and I think it's a clear sign that this college lifestyle has officially taken its toll on me. Although in high school I was never one who need 7-9 hours of sleep [usually slept by 1 and was up by 6] at least is was a consistent 5-6 hours. I should have noticed something was wrong when I went home for breaks and could never get more than 6 hours of sleep even if I had nothing to do the next day and didn't set an alarm. I don't know what to do now and the only possible solution i can imagine is to stop taking naps [which i've done since soph yr] and hopefully fall asleep naturally. BUT sadly i think the only true solution will lie in not having to have 2 roommates and having to basically be on a sleep schedule that says "3 am is bedtime" I love my niggas to death [no homo] but I'm a natural loner and when the issue of sleep comes up I need to have my own space to hit the lights and be out whenever i please....I pray this all works out..SOON

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