19 September 2009

there's nothing one can do to change the past. That's why it's the past; it cannot be augmented. I just have come to understand this fact, and feel it is critical in the maturation process. One must understand what to do after a momentous occasion in order to become a more mature person. Personally, I feel that I can use forgiveness as my biggest tool to move forward. Seeing an event as a paper cut rather than a tumor is a great way to look at it. A paper cut will hurt sometimes, but only for a short while. People must understand these "paper cuts" are easy to get over and do no require too much time. On the other hand, tumors are life threatening and potentially untreatable. In order to properly diagnose the situation, whether tumor or paper cut, one must identify the severity of the pain and make sure that they handle it accordingly. Then and only then will the "wound" be healed properly and the correct steps can be taken to moving forward in life

-Mr Solo Dolo

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