31 March 2009

pushing through

I personally know that I am not the best person there is. I constantly tell others "I'm a horrible person" The more I say this, the more I'm starting to believe it. There is no reason for the harsh, mean, sarcastic nature I have the majority of the time. It's a shame that I am like this and I actually want to offer a PUBLIC APOLOGY (and i HATE apologizing) to anyone, mainly ELENA, that I may have offended in the past.

To you baby,
I hope we make it through our little storm and that it is only an april shower and not an august hurricane. I know I can do better by you and that is truly my goal in these last 36 days on campus together. Thank you so much for staying with me and putting up with all the bullshit I throw out, my nonchalant attitude, and my questionable behavior when it comes to getting attention. Know that I fully love you and if I didn't I wouldn't still be here and do what I do for you.

Lil Charlie [insider]

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Estelle said...

LMAO..lil' CHARLIE!!!!...i love you too son..and thank you that meant more than you know.