05 March 2009

"cough cough" :friend: ship

it's crazy when you think about the word friendship: in theory its a simple compound word which evokes the thoughts of a common bond between two people that would consider themselves to be close. however, in my present location [the AUC] i find myself constantly challenging that definition. A lot has changed since August and in one respect it should have been expected but in another it's something that's hard to prepare for. You see yourself as friends with a person but then people change, grow, and move further apart and all you're left with is the title. Now I know i'm a southern boy, but in such a geographically diverse situation where people have varying definitions as to what friendship is am i wrong to think like this??? I thought I knew who my true friends were here and to some extent I do. With the year coming to a close it amazes me to the people that were there in august and are no longer really present and those that have arrived on the scene. Maybe this is all just a dude ramblin , or it could really be the truth being spoken. I just hope somehow people can understand what a true "friend" is and what goes along with that title...because it's more than just a 6 letter word

I guess all i can do is try and weed between my friends and my "friends" to figure out who belongs in which category

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Anonymous said...

Hey Charles, It's Wayne. I thought I was the only one to have the friendship inquiry. But I see that I'm not. I feel that I'm the best friend that everyone should have. The teddy bear. The preacher. The one that makes you smile when you don't want to.

But I started to hate being the one that "calls" and "texts" first. I hated being the one that was always concerned. But when the shoe was on the other foot, I didn't get that same thing back!! And I would turn around and be like, "You couldn't help me?" Even when that person was a woman beater? Even though I helped that person when they were homeless? Even when that person's mother wanted to put them out? Even when you slept with your girl and basically coerced her get an abortion?

Now mind you, those are all different people. And these are what I call my friends. I think I should have ended that with a question mark.

But I think about two things: when it comes down to it, my friends DO appreciate me even when it seems as if they don't. And second, when we all get to Heaven (hopefully, I mean I know I'm getting in!), that they will be one to hug me and thank me for being that friend that got them this far...