18 March 2009

Spring Break Recap

It was the best of the times....it was the even more better of times, lol

Spring Break 09 was truly one for the ages. It allowed me to be a "mature" young man and actually bring my girlfriend, Elena, home. This was something I never envisioned doing so early but when something's right you can't let "plans" get in the way. We had an amazing time from the car ride with my dad and my stepmom in the airport to our shopping spree [ :D ] at the Prime Outlets in Williamsburg (Coach, True Religion, Nike, American Eagle, RALPH LAUREN!!!] I couldnt have asked for a better first spring break because although it wasn't panama city beach, south beach or Puerto Rico I really can value driving around MY town, eating MY grandmother's dinner [lasagna & fried chicken were scrumpscous] and being in MY comfort zone. They'll be plenty of chances to travel to other places, but this time the 757 held me down justtttt fine..

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