23 March 2009

No More Breakdowns....Just BREAKTHOUGHS

I just thought I'd share the wonderful message I received at CAU Chapel Sunday....ENJOY :D

Easter is an experience, a lifestyle.

There are times in ur life u don't feel the presence of god; when things become an illusion. We need a God who's real & meets us where we are.

If we need the breakthrough we're gonna need to hold on to the discussion of hope. Hold on to hope. W/o hope we are perishing

Without hope there is no faith, without faith we are no pleasing God.

You've got to have the word of God. "If you continue my word then u are my disciples indeed and then you will know the truth". (And the truth will set you free)

Its important to have friends that say I love you, but you're doin wrong.

None of us make it until all of us make it. If we don't make it through christ we won't make it.

All Jesus needs in an invitation. The holy spirit will not force himself upon you.

Graces = god's riches at god's expense
Jesus plans to prosper you and not to harm you.
I will trust you with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding.

(Refer to the chorus of "Stomp")

Hopefully these words will be beneficial to another person!


Brittany Monet said...

i really think God is trying to speak to me right in my times of troubles...there was one point during my matriculation through freshie yr where i kinda pushed him aside and let others come before him...once i snapped back into reality, i realized that i CANNOT do anything w/ out being by his side...thank God that he is a forgiving God...♥

love u charlieeee!! my bro from another soco...[[southern county in va lol]]

C.W.IV said...

hahaha at the soco label.

i'm glad the words i took down could have an impact on you...and we definitely cannot do anything without him. I can truly relate to setting him aside for other unimportant things.

oh, and it's not a southern county...it's a southern CITY

757 [7 CITIES ALL DAY!] lol

Brittany Monet said...

lol i was trying to be creative!!

&& yes, they truly did have an impact on moi...gracias!!

p.s. BOOOOOOOOO!! it'a ALL about the north of 2 up, 2 down lol