18 March 2009

True Religion

have you ever admired something for so long, and then had the chance to grasp it in your arms??? well, i finally got that chance last saturday when the true religion outlet called my name. I have always LOVED the jeans as I saw people around town wearing them. Being a jean freak [owing 30 pair and having to give away 23 last year] i can value the quality denim, beautiful stitching, and superb washes. not to mention that best fit out. The way they hug up top and kinda fall at the bottom makes me :D. so when i tried my first pair on there was no way i was leaving VA without a pair...It just so happens that i fell in love so much, i had to buy 2 and it was the best $$ i spent in a long time. now i know i'll have 2 pair of jeans for at least the next 3-4 years that will always be stylish and not go out of style


Anonymous said...

lmao..glad you were so in love bro...
sounds great... i dont fuck with true religion but I DO wanna fuck with Lucky Brand Denim!!

C.W.IV said...

they have a store at the outlet too!!!

let's go next month :D