24 June 2009


so it’s a little over 6 weeks now
and everyday I have this frown
upon my face because I know
it’s one more day where I cant see your glow
but , I know once we breathe the same air
it’ll be me who takes you there
to that place you’ve longed to be
for oh so long
that place that is a playlist of your favorite songs
I happily like to call it “Euphoria”

in this place there are no sad faces,
for all frowns are turned upside down
it’s one of the most desired places
and you will be the one who wears the crown
I’ll call you my queen, to whom I give my all
for if you misstep, it’ll be I who breaks that fall

I know I may be ahead of myself
because all this promise doesn’t ensure wealth
but who am I not to dream
I don’t wanna be considered a fiend
this moment it feels so close
yet, far far away
it’ll surely be a dose
of pure, unconcentrated ecsta-say

Then, I can say it’s you I got
[oops, my fault] I meant possess
where all the events in this plot
will be worth this emotional duress

All in 42+…

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