06 June 2009


like jordans on any saturday, or yeezy's on the 1st weekend of june, april and may, I feel consumed. i cant necessarily understand why, but it's as if everything surrounding me has some ironic connection to you. its as if my mind is constantly creating metaphors and similes from my daily actions in order to keep a steady stream of wonderful images of you flowing through my mind. my brain is the highway and every car from every maker seems to be you. whether benz, bmw, or beetle they all resemble you. like the girl at the walmart who just got the checks for her 4 kids, my cart is overflowing and these are not things such as cereal, milk, eggs and cheese; i'm talkin conversations, txts, bbm, and skype convos. i cant seem to have enough of you. my metabolism must be insanely fast because all of this intake does nothing to hinder my figure. i automatically divulge of one round of the aforementioned grocery list and thirst, no desire, no need, NO covet another before i become empty. i'm not one for obesity, so as long as the effects don't show i guess i can continue to be as greedy as i please...

:) +
clock = <3

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