05 June 2009


It knocks upon my window
Sometimes like a burglar
And others, like a good friend
Regardless of its pretense, I can't let it in
It must stay outside, because it keeps me calm
I feel a certain peace of mind
And a calm that doesn't happen all the time
Yet, its a shame it can only come around ever so often
Because it truly makes the pain go away like an apple a day
Pit-pat is the melodious rhythm I hear on the AC downstairs
This beat calms my thoughts and hides my fears
I know it will do more harm than good
And I love the way that its non-biased as it hits the suburbs and the hood
I wish I could be like the rain drops to which I listen
They seem so at peace just doing a simple duty
Which is to help me sleep better and gain a sense of clarity

Pit...pat..pit...pat keeps my heartbeat steady & type
Thus, I never, ever have to deal with fright

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