03 June 2009

who knows...

i just felt the need to press these fingers upon the keys on this weird, yet wonderful evening. 2.5 hr nap, nice dinner, great jokes with fam and the solitude i always desire. yet, something...or someone is missing. who is it, who knows...? all i know is that i would love to be with someone in this time slot. it's what i have become accustomed to so it's something i expect on a regular basis. maybe...just maybe, i need nights like these to get rid of my dependence upon the opposite sex, but who's to say that dependence is a bad thing? i just know it's what i want...VAorAL??? they both make me beyond happy for different reasons but i know i'll only have one and i have figured out who it is. the choice is actually pretty obvious with no disrespect to the other. its definitely going to be __. Thought i would give it away, hell naw! lol but in time the one whom it is will definitely figure it out if they haven't already. distance is a bitch, but it makes the heart grow fonder and the adversity it brings builds character....[i WISH i had my XBOX 360]

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